Yasmin Karachiwala explains how to take care of body fitness while on vacation

Although it may be difficult to stick to a fitness regime when out on vacation, there are a few simple exercises that one can do to ensure that the gains are not lost.

It is something that we have all struggled with. Unless one is staying at a five-star luxurious hotel with plenty of time to kill in the gym or go for a swim every night, it is very difficult to stick to a fitness regime when out on vacation.

A long vacation often involves little time to look after our bodies and it may end up killing all of the momentum that we had previously worked in the gym to establish. Meanwhile, poor food choices are often involved when we are out touring and exploring different cultures and their cuisines.

As a result, it becomes quite easy to lose shape and track and hurt significant progress or gains that we had made in the gym with so much difficulty previously.

However, there are a few steps that we can all take to ensure that the momentum that we had all built on our fitness journeys isn’t lost in a matter of days.

Yasmin Karachiwala is a celebrity fitness instructor and she is quite active on Instagram. She often shares her workout sessions with her followers and provides fitness tips and advices. In a recent post, she was seen exercising while on vacation and the post featured her doing a few low impact exercises set to the backdrop of the sea.

“Besides caffeine, I get my energy boost from vitamin sea,” she wrote.

More importantly, though, she suggested a few exercises that one do “while enjoying your beach or pool moments.” Karachiwala also explained that one can go for 15 repetitions for each exercise and then perform three to five sets every 15 minutes.

What are the exercises?

Incline Pushup

An incline pushup is a variation of the traditional pushup. The incline pushup makes it easier for those who cannot support their own body weight completely and need assistance. Any raised platform or a box or even properly positioned chairs can be used as the incline for support. The upper body remains elevated while the lower body is still in a plank position and this can provide a good workout for the chest and pectoral cavity.

Seated Triceps Dip

A seated triceps dip is also a very popular calisthenics workout. This can be performed by sitting on the edge of a chair, a weight bench, a stable platform or even by the pool side. Perform the dips while gripping to the platform with your hands behind your body and this can result in a strong workout for the triceps and the arm and also increases shoulder strength.

Alternate Taps

Taps are quite simple where the legs need to be raised with rhythm and make a tap on an elevated surface. Performing taps helps in improving balance and brings stability to the lower body.

Slide Bend

The slide bend is performed by stretching out to one side and then repeating it in the other direction. This results in a strong workout for the obliques which are muscles that wrap around the waist and the torso.

Squat and Kick

Squats are one of the most popular strength training exercises which are often used to build muscle in the lower legs, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Combined with front or side kicks, it can be used to improve explosive ability and bring more intensity to the workout.