Yoga moves to strengthen the knees

It is vital to strengthen the muscles around the knees in order to ensure peak performance and help them stay injury free. This can be accomplished with the help of yoga.

The knees work incredibly hard to support the bodies and special care needs to be taken of them. The knees are vital for athletes as they are involved in a variety of movements and flexion on an almost regular basis. Keeping them strong and supple is essential to ensure top performance and remaining injury and pain free.

This is where yoga can prove to be very helpful. In classical yoga, various poses help increase the strength and endurance of the muscles around the knees and strengthen the knee joints so that they are able to take care of the load and support that is put on them on a regular basis.

Working with nothing but the body’s weight and combining stability, balance, and flexibility can help maintain resilient and pain-free knees that are vital for peak performances.

But which yoga poses can help strengthen the knees?

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose helps in stretching and building strength on the inner thigh muscles which reduces the chances of injury. It is performed by stepping the feet out in a broad stance and making sure that they are parallel with the back. Then the right foot is turned at a 90-degree angle, parallel with the horizontal edge of the mat.

The right knee should also be bent in order to align with the hip and ankle. Meanwhile, the right leg will be straightened out in order to get a proper stretch on the inner quads and thighs.

While keeping the core of the body tight and engaged, reach out for the ceiling with your left hand and remember to inhale and exhale properly.

Supported Half Moon Pose

This is also known as the Adha Chandrasana. It is a balancing pose that is helpful in building strength in the muscles that surround the knee. Standing with your back to the wall, try to rotate the right foot while ensuring that it is parallel with the wall. Then shift your body weight to balance on your right leg and rotate the left side of the body in an upward direction parallel to the wall.

Keeping the left leg in the air and parallel with the floor, make sure that the left arm is in a straight line with the right arm as the latter is pointed towards the ceiling and then hold the pose for two to three seconds while breathing in and out gently.

Supported Bridge Pose

The supported bridge pose, also called Setu Bandasana, is extremely beneficial in building strength in the back of the knees and also making the quads, glutes, and hamstrings stronger. It is also quite simple to perform. The first step is to lie on the back then bend the knees. With the help of pressure from the foot on the floor, raise the hips in the air and make sure that a triangle is formed between the feet, the raised knees and the part of the back in contact with the ground.

While the knees and hip is in air, stretch your quads, and glutes as much as possible while lacing the fingers underneath for additional support. After holding this pose for a few seconds, bring the hip down gently and as slowly as possible and then perform this pose a few times more.