9-year-old Reyansh Surani holds the record for being the world’s youngest yoga instructor

Reyansh Surani, hailing from Gujarat, India, is the world’s youngest yoga instructor and he achieved this incredible feat at the age of nine years and 220 days.

9-year-old Indian Reyansh Surani, living in Dubai, has set an incredible Guinness World Record! He holds the official title for the world’s youngest yoga instructor and he achieved this record at the age of nine years and 220 days.

Surani had received certification as a yoga instructor after completing the necessary course from Anand Shekhar Yoga School on 27 July 2021. The course required him to complete a 200 hour yoga training exercise and regime as part of the instructor program which the young kid ended up acing successfully.

The Guinness World Records website did a story on him while certifying and recognising his achievements. They mentioned that young Reyansh found his calling for yoga when he discovered that his parents were attending a yoga teacher’s training course in Rishikesh. As a result, he became inclined towards it and started practising yoga when he was just four years old!

"I decided to join them and surprisingly found out I enjoy teaching as well," Reyansh said.

During the course he undertook at the Anand Shekhar Yoga School, the young Yogi discovered and learnt about many different aspects of yoga such as “alignment, anatomic philosophy and the nutritional facts of Ayurveda”.

It completely changed his perspective on yoga and its power in transforming lives. "Earlier I used to think yoga is only about physical posture and breathing, but it’s much more than that,” he added.

During the pandemic, he used to teach in small private classes and also instructs his classmates in school which sometimes feature as many as 10-15 kids in a single session.

He says that teaching yoga brings him a "satisfaction or sense of accomplishment."

"I'm happy I can pass on my experience and knowledge to individuals around the world for their wellbeing."

It’s natural that achieving a Guinness World record at his age is beyond imaginable and Reyansh says that he feels like a star. "I’m the first one in my community and my school to receive this honourable record," he said.

Still just 10 years old, the youngster remains focused on teaching yoga to as many people as possible while also doing well in school and learning lessons. There’s no immediate plans for the future regarding yoga but he has mentioned that one of his goals is to teach yoga on virtual reality.

"I want to teach yoga in the metaverse, that would be fun," said Reyansh.

Reyansh also tries to save as much of the income he earns from teaching yoga as possible. He advocates long-term savings and also believes in donating a part of his earnings.

"My family has always taught me that one who is kind will share [money], even if it’s only a little bit."

To those who want to begin their yoga journeys, the world’s youngest yoga instructor has a small advice, "Yoga is fun and not boring, I promise! After the initial push, you’ll really start enjoying it."